Not to worry about the length of ” I “

Vikram-Shankar’s-filmAs its just a few hours away from the grand gala release of Shanker’ Vikram’s magnum opus ” I “, few of them started concerning about the duration of the movie. The other day when the cenosr details of the movie came out, few of them raised their eyebrows by looking at the duration of ” I ” which was about 187 minutes.

Many of them are expressing their concern towards the duration of the movie, fearing that it could leave a bad impact on the audience. But here we should notice one thing that right from Shanker’s first movie, till I , all the movies have long run time . Here is a sneak peek of the run times of Shanker movies so far.
Below are the run times of all the movies from Shankar.

Sivaji 188 mins.
I 187 mins.
Bharateeyudu 185 mins.
Aparichitudu 181 mins.
Jeans 175 mins
Robot 174 mins
Premikudu 170 mins
Oke Okkadu 170 mins
Boys 170 mins
Gentleman 161 mins.

So, we known what kind of results all those films have given in the past.Hence the duration of I also shouldn’t be any worrying factor for fans. Chill out and enjoy the visual feast folks.

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