Now its not so easy to meet Mahesh

maheshbabu43There will be a tough phase in every actor’s life,just like superstar Mahesh Babu been going through post “Aagadu” release. We can say that Mahesh is having really a low time, as the most hyped flick “Aagadu” proved to be a dud at the box office. As the result has embarrassed this superstar, Mahesh is not so interested in picking up random subjects and not meeting unknown persons that easily.

Namrata who is well aware of this fact has imposed few restrictions post ‘Aagadu’ debacle. She ordered the Security Personnel in the house not to all anyone inside without prior notice. She made it clear that anybody be it a producer or director will have to seek an appointment in advance to meet Mahesh Babu.

It is learnt that Namrata even asked the ‘ghajan group’ which usually keep on praising Mahesh Babu to maintain some distance.

All these developments suggest ,how good Namrata has taken care of Mahesh. What say folks?

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