Now, NTR knows the result of ISM – what next?

ntr-at-janatha-garage-thanks-meet-10We all expected that NTR’s announcement with Puri at ISM audio launch but it wasn’t. Later everybody understood that NTR will wait until its release to know its results and confirm the Puri.

Today, ISM has been released and got the mixed reviews from film critics. In fact, NTR has predicted this result and listening to scripts from leading writers now. He has already avoided Puri and looking forward to working with another director.

So, as the movie has been released, NTR will announce his next without delay for sure. Whether it will be produced by Kalyan Ram is still in suspense. On the other hand, Mahesh Babu’s film Jana Gana Mana is on hold and Mahesh might not give chance to Puri now.

However, we need to wait and see…

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