NTR popularity can’t be replicated:Pawan Kalyan

Pawan kalyan Fan of Senior NTR, Senior NTR, Pawan kalyan Interview about Sardaar Gabbar singh, NTR popularity can’t be replicated:Pawan Kalyan, Im fam of NTRWhatever be the screen image of Pawan Kalyan , he stands transparent and honest in personal interaction. Ajay Brahmatmaj.noted Journalist in Bollywood has interviewd Power star Pawan kalyan in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad recently. He was awestruck for the Simplicity and Plainness of Pawan Kalyan.In this Interview Pawan revealed that he is an orden fan of Amitabachchan.
Apart from that , he is  fan o his brother Chiranjeevi and he admires NTR In old generation. Pawan says ‘Sr.NTR popularity can’t be replicated’.

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