NTR-Sukku movie in financial troubles

10-1425978001-ntr-sukumar-film-in-financial-crisisEnergetic artist NTR upcoming film ‘Naannaku Prematho’ in the direction of Sukumar is all set to hit the floors soon. The film was supposed to start its regular shooting long back but it is getting pushed back from one date to another. As per film circles the delay is due to production hassles with this film its well know that BVSN Prasad is producing the film. As of now BVSN Prasad is not in best pace financially and his recent film ‘Dochey’ is a big dud near box-office. His failures are hunting him and preventing him to get all his finances in place in time for his upcoming film with NTR. Let’s wait and see how the producer will manage to bring this film on floors.

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