Omkar working silently on his second project?

omkarAnchor turned director Omkar has literally failed in his first attempt as the director with his “Genius” and vanished from Tollywood for a while. Taking the advantage of his super hit dance shows, Omkaar wanted to make it to big league by encashing the craze that he got on small screen.

Though the writer of “Genius” boasted a lot about the movie, it proved to be a dud at the box-office. If a director gives a disastrous film on his debut, he won’t last long in this competitive field. Same happened with Omakaar too, but as per the buzz , he managed a second film on which he has been working silently since a long time it seems. A

Maintaining a low profile about his second flick, Omkaar is said to be planning a comedy thriller with new actors it seems. Let us wait for more details on this.

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