One & Only Superstar can do that!

One & Only Superstar can do that!
“Any record set by others  is easy to break by Rajanikanth. One & Only Superstar Rajanikanth does it in Style. 5 Million Views within 22 hours#KabaliTeaser” , a tweet from S Thanu’, the maker.
Has it set a bench mark? An extremely impressive teaser of Kabali was presented by director Ranjith on the 1st of May. It has recorded
Add to   Share  More 5,280,795 views and 2,33,183 number of likes within 24 hours.
After all, Rajini is universally loved by world cinema enthusiast and the unanimous positive response does not come as a surprise as the teaser had every element to satisfy a viewer.
As of May 2nd, Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale trailer had viewed  3.6 million in 24 hours and with this number, Kabali’s teaser takes the frontline, “First ever Indian film teaser to garner 5 Million views in 24 hours“!
Rajani..Rajni .. Break ..Brak More records ..!

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