“Oohalu Gusagusalade” movie review- A clean family entertainer

Oohalu-Gusagusalade-2014Cast: Naga Shourya , Rashi Khanna , Srinivas Avasarala and others

Directed by : Srini Avasarala

Produced by : Sai Korrapati, Rajan

Banner :Varahi Chalana Chitram

Music by : Kalyani Koduri

These days we have seen many comedy flicks which are abominable. But , actor turned director Srinivasa Avasarala’s directorial debut “Oohalu Gusagusalade” is filled with some adequate comedy sequences which stands as a clean family entertainer. Let us see how does the film goes.


Movie starts of with Krishna Bhagawan’s voice over(which was absolutely not necessary and his voice was also not so clear) to introduce L.Venkateshwar Rao aka Venky (Naga Shourya)who works as a TV anchor in a teleshopping program inUB TV. His aim is to become a news reader like his father Bhamu Murthy(CVL) who earlier was a popular news reader in Dooradarshan. to cherish his dream he continues his job which he doesn’t like it at all. His desparation to become a news reader makes him honour each and every work that his boss Uday(Avasarala Srinivas) assigns to him.

One fine day Prabhavathi(Rashi Khanna) and Venky meets in Vizag. Since their first meet, Venky starts flirting with Prabhavathi and tries to get closer to her. After some series of incidents, they both get closer to each other. One day on the occasion of Prabhavathi’s birthday, Venky opens up and proposes to her. Prabhavathi simply objects it and leaves the town next day leavig Venky unnoticed.

On the other hand, a marriage broker (Prithvi) brings a match for Uday and he instantly falls in love with the girl. Though he doesn’t like Venky much, as he maintains good PR with girls, Uday requests Venky to help him in impressing the girl .
After forcefully taking up the job, to his surprise Venky happens to discover that the girl is none other than his old lover Prabhavathi (Raasi Khanna).

What does Venky do with his personal and professional life then, and does he help his boss or not makes the rest of the story.


We know Srinivas Avasarala is a very good actor with nice comic sense, but now he proves himself to be a promising director with his debut film “Oohalu Gusagusalade”. He has written the script well and directed well. It is a simple story ofcourse, but the way he narrated was impressive, though one finds he could have done much better. Second half goes on a slow pace in the middle but, on the whole director has been successful to make the audience glued to their seats till the end.


First things first, both the lead actors Naga Shourya and Rashi Khanna were perfectly fit in their roles. Naga Shourya has so much ease in his action. But he could have worked better on his diction. And Rashi Khanna is definitely a good find , who has lived her role to perfection. Priyanka’s voice to Rashi Khanna leaves an impression that she is just like a girl to the next door. Rashi’s hard work is seen in the film.

Posani, Pragathi , Prithvi had done the justification to their roles.

And last but not the least, Srinivas Avasarala, the director himself has stolen the show with his fine comic timing as usually like any of his other films.

Technical Aspects:

To begin with, though the movie is good on the whole, but Srinivas Avasarala could have taken a little more care regards the script. Undoubtedly its well written but ,there is some lagging in the second half, which cuts off the pace of the film.

Dialogues were good. Especially in the restaurant scene between both Naga Shourya and Srinivas Avasarala on bluetooth makes audience laugh . That scene must have been inspired by the same bluetooth scene from Nithin’s “Ishq”.

Cinematography is average and editing could have been more crispy to enhance the feel of the film.

And Kalyani Koduri’s music is a big draw back for the film . There hasn’t been any change in his music over the years now. Routine slow tunes with same orchestrization. Many of the audience are seen going out of the theaters whenver the songs come. Background score is good in bits and pieces. But over all, Kalyani Malik has given some routine tracks, which sounded to be an extended version of “Ala Modalaindi” tracks.


– Healthy comedy
-Fine acting exhibition from the lead pair.


– Lagging second half
-Poor music
-Average Cinematography

Final Verdict:

Undoubtedly, it is an out and out clean family comedy entertainer. Go watch it for some lovely comedy scenes and witty dialogues. A definite one time watch with entire family .

TFPC Rating: 3.5 on the scale of 5