Pandaga Chesko Pre-Release Business

pandagachesko‘Pandaga Chesko’ is releasing in 700-plus screens and it will recover Rs 12 crore share by first week if a good word-of-mouth is generated on Day 1.

Pandaga Chesko Pre-Release Business:

Nizam: Rs 5 crore (Dil Raju)

Ceeded: Rs 2.4 crore (Siva Shakti)

Vizag: Rs 1.5 crore (VBM Reddy)

Guntur: Rs 1.2 crore (Shankar)

Krishna: Rs 1 crore (Kamakshi)

East: Rs 1 crore (Kavita)

West: Rs 0.9 crore (LVR)

Nellore: Rs 0.6 crore (Crown)

Pandaga Cheska AP & Nizam Pre-Release Business: Rs 13.6 crore

Pandaga Cheska Worldwide Pre-Release Business: Rs 15.8 crore (includes Karnataka: Rs 1.5 crore; Rest Of India: Rs 0.2 crore Overseas: Rs 0.5 crore)

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