Parineethi’s hot pose in bath tub

Parineethi ChopraMost of them have commented on her physique due to the extra flab that she used to carry on her body. Some called her pumpkin, some called her teddy bear. Shedding the tag of plumpness and chubby looks, hot beauty Parineeti Chopra is kicking the butt with her newly carved slim look.

Just take a look at the seductive pose of this sexy girl with a Cuban cigar in hand makes Parineeti the most adorable lady in town. Though her recent flicks like Kill Dill flopped big time at box office, her newly achieved slim look is a hit. As guys are going gaga over her curvy look, she flaunts her toned thighs and saucy expressions by sitting in a bath tub.

Any one of you wanna join her in the bath tub?

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