Pawan felt proud watching his daughter dance

AadyaIt would be definitely a great feeling to any parent to watch his or her kids performing dance on stage at school. But considering the given situations of power star Pawan Kalyan and his former wife Renu Desai ‘s separation, would we expect Pawan to attend his kid’s school anytime? Breaking all the ice, here comes a news that make all Pawan Kalyan fans so happy.

We all know that Renu Desai being so active on social networking sites ,sharing the latest updates on her side. The other day Renu has shared something like that, in which she said ‘’Completely speechless to see my little baby all grown up.So overwhelmed with emotion’’Tweeted Renu posting above picture of Adya.

And to everybody’s surprise and think like “when did this happen?”,
Renu Desai also revealed that Pawan has attended the school function and is a proud father seeing his daughter perform. “I felt that it was a more emotional moment for a father to see his baby girl dancing on stage than me as a mother :))”, What else can make Renu so happy right?

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