Pawan Fires On BJP!

Actor Pawan Kalyan who is devicing various strategies to take on the ruling TDP-BJP combine in Andhra Pradesh and center already addressed three public meetings in Tirupati, Kakinada and Anantapur. He vowed to fight for special status but Union Government accorded special package. Even before he could go strongly on special status, PM Modi stumped him by banning old notes and Supreme Court passed ruling making it compulsory for all to respect national anthem by playing them in theaters.

Pawan questioned again on National anthem:’A simple evening to spend time with family and friends to watch a movie has been made into a Testing Ground to prove one’s patriotism. Why not political parties start their meetings with National Anthem, why only cinemas? Why not the highest offices in the country? Those who preach and enforce laws – why don’t they lead us by example? So, they are ‘SIGN POSTS??’

And when I see all this it reminds me of American Economist Thomas Sowell’s words:

Are we turning the law into a trap for honest people and bonanza for charlatans?

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