Pawan is capable of Mounting Pressure!

shivaji-comments-on-pawan-kalyan-310x165Actor Sivaji for long has been fighting for the causes of people.At present he has been blasting politicians Chandra Babu, Jagan Mohan Reddy, Pawan Kalyan and PM Modi on special status issue to Andhra Pradesh. He has been demanding Pawan to launch massive protest against PM Modi by demanding special status. However Pawan remained silent. Many times Sivaji criticized it but he says, “Never did I want to criticize Pawan Kalyan. He is capable of mounting pressure on the Centre and he will do it when he decided to go ahead. From Today, I will no more request Pawan Kalyan and I have nothing to gain from it. But, He can do it! Why he isn’t reacting? I am leaving it to his conscious.”

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