Pawan kalyan all set a News channel?

Pawan Kalyan to comepensate Losses of Sardaar, Is Pawan Kalyan ready to compensate all the losses, Pawan Kalyan to comepnsate losses for 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh', PAWAN'S COMPENSATION TO SHARRATH MARARTollywood Power star Pawan Kalyan recently said that he does not have finances to run the party and pay salaries of his staff and servants in his house all set to start a TV channel or news paper?
Tollywood is abuzz with rumours that Pawan Kalyan who announced that he will contest the 2019 elections, he is getting ready to start his own media to promote his party.
Pawan Kalyan came to this decision as he wants to respond to the criticism on him and his party in a more effective manner. He starts a youtube channel and later will buy a channel so that he can reach more people. But people are wondering how can Pawan Kalyan start a channel when he confessed that he became financially weak.

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