Pawan kalyan concern for Formers

27_PAWAN_VIZAG_MEE_1813602fJanasena President Pawan Kalyan has once again breathed fire against Andhra Pradesh government regarding

the Land Acquisition Act. Earlier he requested AP Govt to not force any farmer to give away his land for

construction of capital, for which ruling Telugudesam party responded by saying that they are collecting

those lands that are being given wilfully. However, as AP government explained to High Court today in the

wake of petition lodged against land pooling, Pawan responded this way.

This is the second time Pawan raising concerns over farmers’ lands and it has to be seen how ruling TDP-

BJP combine responds to their ally’s accusations. At a time when Pawan is heavily criticised by certain

sections of media as to why he remains silent when police encounters are going on both Telangana and

Andhra states, his concern for farmers stuns opponents.

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