Pawan Kalyan is a Joker..!

Pawan kalyan, sardaar gabbar singhKamaal R Khan is back to doing what he is best at – rant on Twitter for no reason. And this time his target was Telugu star Hero Pawan kalyan. Pawan Kalyan wants to release his film in Bollywood market in a big way.He has tied up with Bollywood’s biggest production house Eros International to market his movie. While he is trying to enter into Hindi zone, Bollywood actor and film critic KRK is calling Pawan Kalyan a joker.

KRK is a controversial critic and actor.KRK has always had this habit of taking pot-shots at people and abusing them even without being provoked. And this time, he went overboard dragging the Power star into the picture! Khan has always made headlines for all wrong reasons. So, this is not surprising anymore.

He tweeted: “What’s wrong with South Indian ppl? How can they watch this cartoon in the films as a hero? Really very bad choice! If this Lukkha Pawan Kalyan Singh is also a hero then anybody in the world can be a super star. I will prefer to watch Rajpal Yadav’s film instead of the joker, the cartoon, the Maha Sada Huwa hero, Pawan Kalyan.”

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