Pawan Kalyan playing with his fan kids

Pawan Kalyan Meets His Fan Karuna Sreenivas Photos (12)Its not even 24 hours since power star Pawan Kalyan tweeted that soon he is going to meet his injured fan at the venue of Gopala Gopala audio launch the other day. And here goes PK who meets his fan who was succumbed to knife stabbing ,K. Srinivas and his family at his office in Jubilee hills.

Pawan has spent almost an hour with Srinivas and his wife and kids. He enquired aobut the health condition of Srinivas and including the medical charges,Pawan has donated 50,000/- cash to Srinivas for further medical expenses. Pawan offered a plate of chocolates to the little daughters of Srinivas and has played with them for a while. You can just look at this video and understand how down to earth is this Power Star.

Both Srinivas and his wife were moved to tears with the kind gesture and warm hospitality by Pawan Kalyan.

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