Pawan Kalyan spotted in a chartered flight

Pawan Kalyan
Power star Pawan Kalyan has very few close friends in film industry, and noted producer Sarat Maraar and top art director Anand Sai are one of them. Whenever Pawan finds some leisure time, he likes to spend it with these guys. Here is the exclusive picture of Pawan Kalyan with his close buddies Art Director Anand Sai and Producer Sarath Marar in a chartered light. The trio seems to be having a great time during the reunion.

Not many know that Anand Sai is the childhood friend of Pawan Kalyan . Their bonding became more stronger after “Tholiprema”, for which Anand Sai erected an amazing Taj Mahal set in a beach for a song. Later on, Anand Sai emerged to be one of the costliest art directors of the country where as Pawan Kalyan settled as crazy film star of Tollywood.

And coming to Sarat Marar, Pawan shares close bonding with him too since a long long time. Recently Sarat Marar produced “Gopaala Goaala” along with Suresh Babu, and is now all set to produce “Gabbar Singh-2” with Pawan Again.

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