Pawan Kalyan To Support For A Silent Protest!

Actor Pawan Kalyan, Chief of Jana Sena, last few months have organised various meetings and also met people of Andhra Pradesh to find solution to Uddanam health problem, Acqua Park and forcible land acquisitons from the farmers etc. Pawan Kalyan long time back promised to fight for special status to Andhra Pradesh.

In all his meetings he decided to raise the issue and now after watching the way people of Tamil Nadu bend the back of the Union Government on Jallikattu ban by Supreme Court,forcing it to come with an ordinance,is now getting ready for special status fight. He posted numerous tweets asking people of Andhra Pradesh to learn from their counterparts in Tamil Nadu and fight for the special status. Now youngsters of Andhra Pradesh are planning to organise silent protests for special status at RK Beach, Visakhapatnam on Jan. 26, 2017 on Republic Day.

Pawan Kalyan at once announced his support and came with the following tweets. He posted

#APDemadsSpecialStatus ,If youth of AP are planning to do a silent protest on 26th Jan at RK Beach , Vizag, #Janasena Supports them.

JanaSena raises its ‘Voice against Opportunistic, Divisive & Criminal

Politics;through a Protest Musical album”#DeshBachao !”

#APDemadsSpecialStatus,I had planned a Musical protest album

#DeshBachao to be released on 5th Feb but will prepone its release to 24th Jan.

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