Pawan Kalyan=100 rupees.!

Pawan Kalyan=100 rupees.!Contraversial director Ram Gopal Varma who is known for his satiraes on twitter .Many started wondering what was wrong with Ram Gopal Varma or whether any case feeling is resulting in such venom. Now for a change he lavished praises on Power Star and in the process once again tried to bring Mega Star Chiranjeevi and other stars like Prabhas, Rajinikanth down.
Here are his tweets.
Rajmouli +Prabhas +Hollywood level CG + 300 days shooting + 150 crores budget = 100 rupees and just Only Pawan Kalyan=100 rupees
In the context of a economic demagogue I think Mr.Pawan kalyan is jurasically a far more bigger dinosauric star than even Mr.Rajnikant
I think Pawan Kalyan is a little lot more than a lot little Rajnikanth. Chiranjeevian Rajnikantiyan is Pawan Kalyanian
Power is far, far, far bigger than Mega .My proof of prediction, 151st will have absolutley no power in sale price comparison to SGS

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