Pawan Mania is at peaks..Ticket Rs.10,000/-

Pawan Mania is at peaks..Ticket Rs.10,000/-, Sardaar gabbar singh mania at Andhra, Sardaar gabbar singh release date, Sardaar gabbar singh new wallpapers, Sardaar gabbar singh new postersPawan Kalyan’s upcoming film ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ is set to release tomorrow. Pawan Mania is at peaks. Many theaters are now busy in cashing the craze of pawan fans. The ticket prices of benefit shows in the multiplexes are touching stars. Ticket sellers are quoting sky high rates and it is heard that the tickets have been already booked and most of the tickets will be sold in black market.
According to the sources, the ticket price for the benefits show is currently touching Rs 2000- 3000 and recently a diehard fan of Pawan Kalyan purchased the ticket for paying huge amount Rs 10,000 in Hyderabad Theater.

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