Pawan on NTR flex creating sensation

NTRWe usually never get to see such things happening in any place, where other hero’s photo being placed on some other hero’s flex or banner wishing them all the best for their movie. But, similar incident took place the other day at Prakasham district. This is about an interesting flexi that is bringing together mega fans and Nandamuri fans. NTR Temper is getting ready to hit screen within a week time and fever gripped among nandamuri fans.

Now a flexi is showing Young Tiger NTR and Pawan Kalyan and this is creating positive sensation among Nandamuri and Power Star fans. A flexi erected in Prakasam District in which it is seen that Sr NTR and Pawan blessing Jr NTR for his “Temper”.

What else do Nandamuri fans need to celebrate ? Well, Pawan is winning the hearts of Nandamuri fans too. Just incredible isn’t it?

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