PK received an invitation from Venkaiah Naidu

Pawan Kalyan photos jpg (26)As Powerstar is closely associated with Bharatiya Janatha Party, it would certainly raise everybody eyebrows when Pawan Kalyan gets an invitation by Central Minister M.Venkaiah Naidu. There would be some curiosity in everyone making everyone assume that they both might discuss politics. Before you also jump into such conclusions, lets make it very clear that Mr. Venkaih Naidu invited Pawan Kalyan to attend “Sankranthi Sambara” event,which will be hosted by Venkaiah Naidu himself at Nellore on 11th January,2015.

Guess what, Maharasthra CM Mr. Devenbdra Fadnavis will also be gracing the event along with Pawan Kalyan. Let us wait and see if we get to listen any interesting comments on politics by Pawan Kalyan on that occasion.

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