Please don’t sympathize me: Swetha Basu

swetha_basu_prasad_new_ride_movie-1280x960By all means, last year proved to be a nightmare for young Tollywood actress Swetha Basu Prasad ., as she was caught for involving in prostitution . Later police have sent her to rescue home, where she stayed there for three months. Later the court has given Swetha Basu a clean chit. And now she is slowly recovering from the shock

Swetha recently spoke to a TV channel in a bold manner. She said currently many people are showering sympathy on her. She asked people not to show sympathy as she was not a rape victim and no one even attempted to rape her. She added that even she knows that whatever happened is not good for her and is no ordinary incident. She said the incident is a big lesson in her life and added that she became mentally stronger after getting released from the rescue home.

So can people behave maturely here after and respect this lady’s personal space and stop writing all cheap stuff about her?Let’s wait and see.

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