Police case filed against “Pataas”

Patas movie Wallapers (3)These days it has become a common practice for few people making an issue for nothing and get full publicity. We have seen a few cases being filed on Aamir Khan’s recent flick ” PK ” even after two months of the movie’s release. And no case could damage the film’s success. And now in Tollywood, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s ” Pataas” has become a block buster hit and he is enjoying the success . On the other side, a case has been filed against Nandamuri Kalyan Ram at Hyderabad ,as he is the producer by himself for “Pataas”.

According to the petitioners, Pataas film-makers used the sacred Three Lions emblem in a wrong way in the title logo. They accused film-makers of insulting the sacred emblem and filed complaint at Chaitanyapuri police station. It is coming out they pointed out heroine Shruti Sodhi too for sporting skimpy outfits and touched the emblem with her hand in the posters.

After knowing this, some feel that the petitioners are wantedly making it an issue to get some mileage in terms of publicity. Let us see how would Kalyan Ram reacts to this?

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