Poonam Kaur Ran Away After Seeing Kathi Mahesh

Tollywood actress Poonam Kaur and film critic Kathi Mahesh have become rivals after the ugly verbal spat. While Poonam addressed him as ‘fatso’ condemning the allegations he made against Pawan Kalyan, Kathi alleged Poonam is trying to be the fourth wife of Pawan Kalyanr. War of words continued between them on Twitter for some time.

On March 17th, An Event took place in Film Nagar Cultural Society in Hyderabad. Poonam Kaur and Mahesh Kathi were invited for the programme. While the Film Critic reached the venue before the event began, The Actress arrived a bit late.

By the time she reached the dais, Poonam Kaur spotted Kathi Mahesh among the guests arrived for the event. Quickly, She turned around and left the spot in her car without taking part in the event. May be, Poonam would have rejected the invitation had if she was informed Kathi will be part of the event by the organizers.

The is above story is going viral on Social Media. However the actual truth will be out only if Mahesh Kathi or Poonam to clarify on this.

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