Posani Fires On Sr.Writer

Famous writer Yendamuri Veerendranath made some comments on Charan long back, had started a storm in the teacup kind of controversy and isn’t dying down soon. After Naga babu spilled venom on Yendamuri for comparing Ram Charan with music director Devi Sri Prasad, this time it is Posani‘s turn to blast the writer for the comparisons he made. Posani asked, “Is Ram Charan begging?” He said that he is ready to sign a cheque for Rs. 15 crores if Ram Charan accepts to do a film. “Will Devi Sri Prasad get so much money even if he wants to become a hero?” blasted Posani Krishna Murali, adding that Ram Charan’s film can do a business of 50-60 crores, not a Devi Sri Prasad’s film. Posani’s anger went to the extent of advising Yendamuri to take the examples of his own family members instead of talking about Ram Charan. Well, that was unprecedented anger coming from a writer turned actor who is popular for his aggressive nature and outbursts.

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