Powerstar joins twitter at last

Pawan KalyanThis is the which lacs of Pawan Kalyan’s fans been waiting for since a long time. Pawan Kalyan is known for maintaining a very low profile right from his entry to Tollywood. He is so, say the close contacts of PK. Of course he is,but PK never missed any chance to meet his fans through audio releases and other social activites.

And finally as Pawan kalyana joined Twitter , now it makes easier for PK himself and also for fans to be in contact with each other. We are not sure if Pawan will be as active as other big stars,but let’s hope PK tweets regularly and updates about his personal things and professional things and makes his fans happy.

Most interesting factor is, PK followers joining speed is about [email protected] 1 minute as of now on an average. Lets see where it ends.

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