Powerstar missed it by a lakh

Pawan-Kalyan-400x236Ever since powerstar Pawan kalyan has tweeted his first on micro blogging site Twitter, there have been so many eyes watching how his profile being trended on twitter. Every one was eager to see if he crosses the whopping figures of super star Rajanikanth followers which is about 2,15,00 on the first day after joining twitter.

But unfortunately Pawan ended up with one lac followers at the end of the day one on twitter. Still Powerstar has lost by a lakh and more if we have to compare his ‘godliness’ to that of Superstar Rajnikanth.

Considering the fact that Pawan acts only in Telugu language and is not so popular in Northern staes and also not having that huge following abroad, One lakh followers within 24 hours is really huge. Rajanikanth has huge fan base not only in India but also in many countries like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore etc. Had Pawan been little popular in other languages, he would have easily surpassed Rajani’s followers those were there on day one for him,say some hardcore fans of Pawan Kalyan. Yeah, point to be noted right guys?

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