Prabhas speaks on No:1 position!

Baahubali-star-Prabhas-in-a-Press-Meet-TeCake-700x452“Baahubali” , the kind of promotion and hype this film has, for the massive number of theatres it is being release, the film has to collect more than 90 crores share from Tollywood itself .

Fans feel that “Baahubali” is a film of Prabhas alone and all records in Tollywood on Mega heroes and Mahesh’s name will be shattered now. They feel that the success of Baahubali is going to bring Prabhas to No.1 throne of the tinsel town. What has Prabhas to say about this?

“I don’t think No.1 status comes up with just one film. It takes years to reach such a position and no way is Baahubali’s success or collections going to do that for me. I never thought I would become No.1 with this film”, says Prabhas.

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