Prabhu Deva busy planning an experimental film

Prabhu-DevaIf person who earlier started his career as a group dancer, and transformed into a choreographer, hero and then finally a leading director Bollywood, what can we call him as? Yes, we call him as one and only Prabhudeva. After delivering a stupendous hit like “Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana” in Telugu, Prabhu Deva delivered a dud in the name of “Pournami”. and later an average flick “Shankardada Zindabad”. After that Prabhu found it difficult to direct a flick in Tollywood, and hence he shifted his base to Bollywood.
Prabhu played a safe bet there and concentrated on remakes of Telugu films and registered himself to be a top director there in Bollywood with back to back hits. As per the reports,it is learnt that Prabhu Deva is planning to make a horror thriller movie in Tamil it seems. More details are awaited.

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