Prakash Raj Backs Kamal Hassan On Hindu Terror Remarks

Noted Actor Prakash Raj who made comments on Modi, Taj Mahal and Tipu Sultan controversies, the actor took to Twitter again showing his support for actor Kamal Haasan.

Haasan, who made headlines yesterday for his ‘Hindu terror’ remarks, was backed by the fellow actor in a lengthy post on Twitter.Without naming Haasan or using the phrase ‘Hindu terror’, Prakash Raj talked about instances where people were being ‘mishandled’.

Writing in his weekly column, Kamal Haasan had written, ‘You can’t say there is no Hindu terror. Earlier, Hindu extremists held dialogue, now they indulge in violence.’

He further wrote that people have lost faith in Satyameva Jayate. “Truth alone triumphs has now become strength alone triumphs. This has made people inhuman,” he said.

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