Pretty lady got irked by media

ef79h6jh3385pn2m.D.0.Actress-Anushka-Shetty-PhotosIt is so pathetic so observe few media personnel take film celebrities,especially heroines for granted . They keep bothering heroines by asking some unwanted or unnecessary  questions and cause irritation at times. So is the case with glamour doll Anushka happened the other day. Basically, Anushka is known for her cool head. She never shows her emotions out. But even she got irked by few repeated questions by the press.
“Why are people so concerned about my marriage. I will let everyone know when i get married ” said Anushka during her interview to an leading daily. She is currently busy with ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Rudhramadevi’ in Telugu, while in Tamil she will be seen in ‘Linga’ and in another film alongside Ajith.

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