Producer Council Elections On April 2nd

The Producer Council Elections of Tamilnadu will happen on April 2nd (Sunday). It is expected to happen at the Woodlands theatre.

Today, there was a meeting held at the film chamber office of retired Judge and Election officer Rajeshwaran regarding the elections that are to happen. 27/2/2017 is the last date for members to file any complaint to which the response would come on the 28th of February. March 1st is the last date for candidates to withdraw from contesting in the elections.

The meeting was attended by senior producers such as Prakash Raj, Parthiban, K.E Gnanavel Raja, Pandiyaraj, S.R Prabhu, A L Udaya and Radhakrishnan on behalf of Vishal’s team. Also, the election result is said to be announced on the very night of it’s commencement.

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