Producers And Exhibitors Declared An Indefinite Strike From Today!

Southern film Industry Joint Action committee of 5 states Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala,including film producers and exhibitors have declared an indefinite strike on 1st March from 2nd March.

In a meeting held at Telugu Film Producers concil, the producers and exhibitors have decided not to screen films from 2nd of March till the discussions come to an amicable solution with Digital Service Providers, DSPs, like UFO, Qube, PXD and several others.Their major demand is to reduce the rents, VPF, Virtual Print Fee, on loading the content into the projectors installed at different theatres.

The producers want the fee to reduced by 25% and are also asking for slots in advertising timings for feature film ads that will release in the following weeks.

Noted Producers Suresh Babu, announced that they will call of the strike, if the UFO and Qube, agree to their demands as they are the major players

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