Pulav Curry Rice Restaurant Opening

Today Occasion of the Event: Actress Priyanka Actress Mounica and Restaurant Partners: Sharth and Ramprasad

On 9th December, 2017, a new South Indian restaurant, Pulav Curry Rice, will open its doors in Gachibowli. Though the restaurant is new, its parent group is well established. It is the same group that gave Hyderabad Khan Saab, one of the most Popular North Indian restaurants in the city known for its taste as well as service.

Pulav Curry Rice will take things a notch above. The ambiance is specially designed to give diners a countryside feel, as if dining in the courtyard of a typical village home. The menu has been handpicked to include the most loved specialties from down south like Fatafat corn punukulu, Bongu kodi charu and Ulvacharu chicken. A Must-try delicacy for all is the Kalichina chepa, a healthy dish steamed on ember coal without oil. From simple favourites to complex Pelli Bhojanam treats, there is something for everyone on the menu. The menu also features a wide array of vegetarian options. No matter what you order, our authentic taste is bound to take you down the memory lane!

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