Puri and NTR gets Ceded and Nizam

puri-jagannath-jr-ntr-new-moviejpgAs his movies being fumbled big-time at the box office one after the other, Jr.NTR is taking his upcoming flick with Puri Jagannadh very seriously, and working more harder to bounce back.

Similarly he reduced the remuneration of his technicians. Seeing NTR even director Puri Jagannath came down on his remuneration front. As a part of it producer Bandla Ganesh decided to give Nizam rights to NTR.

In this scenario even though NTR slashed his remuneration, he will definitely get 10 crores if he gets Nizam rights as promised by Banglda Ganesh. So his 10 crores cut in his remuneration will not go anywhere.

If market increases he may even get 12-15 crores with Nizam rights. According to sources Bandla Ganesh gave ceded rights to Puri Jagannath. This ensures Puri Jagannath get 8 crores and if film budget comes around Rs 25 croes, Producer Bandla Ganesh easily gets Rs 7-8 crores. So all the three are benefiting by slashing their remunerations.

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