PVP filed a case against Shruthi Hasan

shruti_haasanUniversal hero Kamal Hasan’s darling elder daughter , beautiful actress Shruti Hasan seems to have fallen in troubles. It is learnt that Shruthi has walked out of Nagarjuna-Karthi’s project after 1st shceudle without any prior intimation it seems. And this had obviously made the makers of the film PVP group fume on Shruthi Hasan. In result, Prasad V Potluri has filed a case against Shruthi Hasan for her irresponsible behaviour.

As per the production house, The schedules were planned around Shruti Haasan’s convenience. After the completion of first schedule, Shruti Haasan conveyed through an email that she wishes to walk out. This is unethical and unprofessional act has incurred losses to Picture House Media Ltd and dates of other actors have been affected.

Picture House Media Ltd, a leading Media & Entertainment firm owned by PVP, initiated Civil and Criminal proceedings against Shruti Haasan. The Court has issued an injunction restraining her from signing any new projects until further orders and directions were given to the cops to investigate the case. We have to wait and see how would Shruthi Hasan react to court’s order and let us see if she comes out with any explanation about this incident?

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