PVP next Movie with Mahesh Babu?

PVPThere are several rumours floating in the web media that  PVP is vexed with  Directors and film production and might stop making films, PVP Cinema is has set back by the massive failure of ‘’Brahmotsavam”. However , the PVP  production house is ready to start another big budget movie with Tollywood Super star.
As per the inside source,  PVP has already done an agreement with Mahesh Babu for another movie even before the release of “Brahmotsavam”.
He has two-movie agreement with Mahesh Babu. Since this movie turned out to be disaster, Mahesh may part some remuneration to the producer. Or he might start another film for PVP Cinema after he completes director Murugadoss’s romantic action drama. Murudoss’s movie will be produced by MegaSuperGood Movies.

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