Radha stepped back against Pawan Kalyan!

Sharwanand Radha Movie First Look Posters,Sharwanand Radha Movie First Look Photos,Sharwanand Radha Movie First Look Pics,Sharwanand Radha Movie First Look StillsPawan Kalyan’s stamina at the box office is known to everybody. It is known that Young actor Sharwanand scored massive hits with “Express Raja” and “Shatamanam Bhavathi” which released during festival seasons, and he his upcoming film “Radha” which is scheduled to release on March 29th to encash Ugadhi festive session.

Radha is planned to release four days after Power Star Pawan Kalyan “Katamarayudu” release, rumours are also spread wide that “Radha” will have big box office fight with “Katamarayudu” but now it is confirm that “Radha” movie makers stepped back not to have clash with “Katamarayudu”.

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