Radhika suggests us to go for an eye test

Radhika ApteOne would wonder that why would RAdhika Apte suggest us to take an eye test? Well, as we have seen few nude pics which are said to be of Radhika have spread on internet like wildfire the other day right? Those leaked nude images have gone viral on the Internet, especially on WhatsApp in which we see a lady who is almost a look a like of Radhika Apte , baring all .

Everybody was wondering like why is Radhika not opening her mouth on this issue to condemn since the other day. Here she comes with some strong retort to all those who are believing those pics to be of her in real. She chose twitter to be the best platform to put her thoughts across on this total mess.

“You guys! If you’re going to get someone to pass off as naked me, she needs to look a lot more like me. 1/2,” she took to twitter to silence the photoshop mischiefs.

“In the meantime here is a little test for you. #Checkyoureyesight,” Radhika tweeted.

Radhika made her debut in Telugu with RGV’s “Raktha Charitra” and then she was seen in “Legend” with Balakrishna. And at present Radhika is busy wrapping up her portion for “Lion” and also she is working for “Badlapur” and “Hunter” in Bollywood.

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