Raghuvaran B.Tech Movie Review

Raghuvaran B.tec Movie Posters (2)Dhanush rocks once again

Ever since Tamil star hero Dhanush has made his debut in Bollywood with “Ranjhana”, he was exposed to entire world and formed a huge fan base across the globe. This National Award winning actor has become quite a popular face in India earlier with super hit song “Kolaveri”,which went viral on internet. His latest Tamil film, VIP has now been dubbed into Telugu as Raghuvaran B.Tech, which is produced by Sravanthi Ravikishore. Let us see how the film is received by Telugu audience.
Raghuvaran(Dhanush) finishes his B.Tech but remains jobless for years together. He simply sits at home doing nothing and this naturally irks his father to the core. He keeps yelling at him all the time.On top of all this, things get more interesting when Raghuvaran falls in love with his neighbour Amala Paul.
One day when Raghuvaran is busy his love interest in some intimate situation, an incident occurs which only makes things worst for Raghuvaran and turns his life upside down overnight. What is that incident and how does Raghuvaran handles it forms the rest of the story.
-Undoubtedly, its all Dhanush’s show throughout the film,where he displayed excellent acting skills of his and entertain the audience to the maximum extent. The attitude he has carried through out the film as a carefree guy is simply amazing. Same his acting in second half as the most responsible engineer is also simply outstanding. A simple story looked extraordinary with finest acting by Dhanush.
– Amala Paul ably supports Dhanush and has got nothing to do much.
-Comedian Vivek managed a bit to tickle the funny bones of the audience here and there.
-Senior actress Saranya nailed it all with her excellent performance .
First half of the film just races away with some entertaining elements like Vivek’s comedy and Dhanush’s energetic performance. But the second half drastically slows down and turns predictable, which naturally makes the audience lose their interest in watching it.
Entertainment quotient during this part gets bogged down a bit. Story wise, there is nothing new as the entire film runs on screenplay. Most importantly, two songs can easily be chopped off from the film, to make the second half look short and straight.
Technical Aspects:-
-To begin with, background scores by Anirudh is one of the major assets of the film. The simple story line is elevated with Anirudh’s thumping score and gives a huge kick to the film. Music is just about ok and so is the editing.
-Dialogues written for the Telugu version are decent and connect well. Screenplay is the major plus as the entire film runs on a tight grip.
-Last but not the least, Director Velraj needs to be credited for presenting a routine and normal story with some realistic and hear touching scenes. The screenplay which he has written was in tact . The way he has sketched different emotions right through the film is very good. On the whole, he did a decent job for sure.
Final Verdict:-
A simple routine story, but executed well with a gripping screen play. And of course, Dhanush will make you glued to your seats till the end titles with his fantastic performance through out the film. A definite one time watch, at least for Dhanush.

Rating: 3/5

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