Rahaman’s beautiful album “Laadli-Ranauq”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxjQ0TjOOQI#t=211 A R Rahman is such a  composer whose works will always stand special from rest of the music directors in Bollywood. His journey as a music director for a Tamil film at the beginning has continued to reach Hollywood over a period of time now. AR Rahman has recently composed a song for women empowerment which was sung by veteran legendary singer Latha Mangeshkar. And the lyrics were penned by former central minister Kapil Sibal. All these three have joined their hands for a video named ‘Laadli – Ranauq’ aimed at women empowerment. Not just a soulful song Rahman has composed, even the visual story narrated in the video is haunting, captivating, exhilarating and thought provoking.

In fact Rahman’s idea is to make something that could well publicize the much need for empowerment of women. A wonderful melody composed by Rahman has lyrics penned by former minister Kapil Sibal. With Lata ji rendering her remarkable voice for this tune, simply the result is arresting. The video narrates the story of a young girl who is grown up well by free-spirited and liberal parents.

Apart from teaching her all customs and practices, they make her stand on own feet and realize her dream of becoming a pilot. Even in this present century, many girls are deprived from chasing their dreams and this captivating song should be any eye-opener.

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