Rajamouli might not work with me:Keeravani

mmkeeravaniretire-647x450Its not any joke mind you guys. Those words are really said by none other than Rajamouli’s cousin brother M.M Keeravani himself. We know that Rajamouli and Keeravani is a best combination for a director-music director,as all the films they worked together so far are huge hits. Many of them think that Rajamouli is showing interest in Keeravani only because he is his brother ,but the facts are different says Keeravani. Lets read it in his words.
‘Rajamouli works with me, not because of the fact that I’m his brother, but due to his belief that I’ll deliver best for him. If I fail to deliver fantastic output, he’ll stop working with me too’, says MM Keervani, praising his younger brother’s film making qualities. ‘We keep aside our relation when it comes to films. Rajamouli places his demands straightforward and I’ll also reciprocate the same’, he concluded. It happens to be Rajamouli’s birthday today, and Keeravani is busy heading to ‘Baahubali’ shooting spot in Ramoji Film City as the two brothers always spend their birthdays together.


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