Rajamouli punished Tamannah?

Rajamouli-TamannaThis might sound a little weird but, its true that Rajamouli has punished milky beauty Tamannah by tying her to a tree with ropes. But what did Tamannah do to make Rajamouli take that drastic step? Well, its all part of the shoot folks. We all know that Tamannah is playing a prominent role along with Anushka in “Baahubali”. Hence all this scene was shot for “Baahubali” where heavy winds come and pluck away the trees around.

As Thamanna is so lean to resist such heavy winds, Rajamouli thought of tying her to the tree with ropes for safe side hence he himself did that. After the entire scene was shot, Tamanna was so surprised to know that tree was not a real one but a part of the set . That was the magic created by the art director Sabu Cyril. And also Tamanna felt happy its seems for the care that unit members have taken for her.

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