Rajamouli unhappy with Anushka?

Anushka New Photos (15)Our Telugu Darling Anushka was stunned with her performance in Baahubali-1. Later she gained weight for Size zero as per the demand of character. Now she has to come down drastically and has to loose weight atleast 10kgs. Eventhough she is underging rigorous fitness training, she is not to be fit for the shoot of “Baahubali 2”.
As she needs to look slim like queen Deva Sena in Rajamouli’s conclusion part, she is now taking weight reduction treatment.
She doesn’t want to go  for liposuction or any surgical treatments,and at  the same time, she is reportedly doing yoga and other fitness exercises.
She has crossed 34 years and it has become tough for her to maintain well-toned body as her body tends to gain weight easily, said a source. But Sweety is sweating hard to be fit.
Rajamouli is a worried man now as Anushka’s weight is a manjor issue for the progressof shooting. The “Baahubali 2” team is hoping that she gets into shape very fast.

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