Rajanikanth at his best again

rajinikanth_photosIt is needless to give any introduction about Superstar Rajnikanth and his humanity now. Because, entire world knows what is Rajanikanth, especially when it comes to his charity works etc. Yesterday on the occasion of “Lingaa” curtain raiser, Rajanikanth has shown again what he is to the world. As usual Rajni maintained his cool and sounded his best, but the big surprise has come in the form of announcing his support to Hudhud victims.

“I’m expressing my deep condolences for Hudhud victims and deeply express my regrets for not able to attend the Memu Saitham fund raiser event”, said Rajni, showcasing his human side.And then comes a statement to everyone’s surprise. Rajanikanth goes on saying “After going to Madras, I’ll donate some amount to the fund, looking at how much I could donate”, he added.

And still he couldn’t conclude his speech before he apologized to Telugu sepaking people once again and said “I’m saying sorry to all Telugu people for not able to come to the Memu Saitham event”,

We can expect how big his contribution would be towards Hudhud victims relief fund. Lets wait and see.

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