Rajinikanth explains on ‘Lingaa copied’ issue

Lingaa Movie New Posters (1)Finally,the superstar himself took the mike and answered everything on the allegations on Lingaa movie.Director/Producer KV Ratnam has filed a petition on Lingaa movie that it got lifted from Mullai 999 which is exactly the story of an engineer before the freedom of india on Mullaperiyar dam in the border of Tamilnadu and Kerala.Now Rajinikanth gives the exact reply to them quashing all the charges ” I reserve my right to proceed against the petitioner as his copy-cat allegations on Lingaa damaged my fame, name and tarnished my image,” stated Rajnikanth in his counter petition.He put it as a defamation case.Earlier the same problems fled for Vijay’s Katthi movie where in they did the same by putting a defamation case.Rajini took the better step than dealing with such things out side the court.

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