Ram Charan ‘Dhruva ‘Run time locked

dhruvaaMega Power star Ram Charan and Rakul starrer Dhruva has completed its censor formalities and received UA certificate with no cuts. This may be the only star film in recent years to have completed Censor with more than a fortnight to go for the movie release. On the other side, it is emerging that the movie run time is some 164 minutes long which is considered as very long by normal standards. The movie has to be extremely gripping for the audience to sit and enjoy that long.
The makers of Dhruva already announced that their movie is releasing on December 9th. And now, they are starting their promotions as well. The Pre-Release Event of the film will take place on 26th of this month at People’s Plaza, Hyderabad. Earlier they have planned this event in Warangal but now changed their plan. This event assumed significance due to the fact that the movie has no audio launch and it will now have to increase the hype on the film.

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