Ram charan inspirational speech attracts Students

Ram charan inspirational speech attracts Students, Ram charan @malla reddy Engineering college, Ram charan Speech at Mallareddy College, Ram charanMega Power star Ram Charan was the chief guest for Annual day celebrations of Mallareddy Engineering collected in Hyderabad on the other day. Ram Charan delivered an inspirational speech to the students there which was greeted to tremendous response. Here is what Ram Charan said.
“When I am 20 years old, I used to roam with out any responsibility. One day my mother sent me into a room and closed the door. I spoke with that person for one hour. I learnt the importance of a career and life. He is the inspiration of my career today. He is none other than Babai, Pawan Kalyan,” Ram Charan said.
He asked students to draw their own inspirations in life and work for certain goals according to the dreams of their parents. He also added that every one should love but advised not to fall in love at the age of 22. “Love only when you are fully settled in life. Do not see bank balances and prestige in choosing your partner. The same happened with me and Upasana,” Ram Charan added.

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